What’s the Tee?

I ain’t got time for long introductions this week darlings because i just can’t wait to get to the juiciness!!! I am the resident diva of The Suite 411, Christian Valentino and welcome to Whats the Tee…. 

Now heeeeeeeres the tee….

OMG OMG OMG!!! Have any of you been on YouTube recently? Web videos featuring Spectacular from the group Pretty Ricky have surfaced on the popular video website.

It’s as if he is just comin out of the closet in front of your very eyes!!! In the video he calls himself “challenging” other R&B stars including Omarion, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and members of Diddy’sgroup, Day 26 to see who is “number one”. He then tells them “if you want it, come and get it”. 


What’s The Tee?


Rihanna and Chris Brown make headlines again!!! Did yall hear that nude photos have leaked with the pop diva allegedly in her panties and her hit making beau Chris… well allegedly in HER panties too! Pics thought to be Rihanna in her pink undies surfaced on the Web recently, this, just days after nude pics of singerCassie hit the Web. On one of the pics there is a gentlemen considered to be Mr. Brown in the background with Rihanna’s panties on his head!!


What’s The Tee?

Hello to all my readers!!! Welcome to The Suite 411 and yet another edition of What’s the Tee!! I am your ever -so -classy gossip guru “queen”, Christian Valentino and I am here to dish the dirt!! So enough with the formalities lets just jump straight into it….

Did you guys hear the latest about Drew Peterson, the man allegedly suspected of murdering his missing wife? The Associated Press reports that HBO is offering him a job as the head of security on their brothel series “Cathouse”? Talk about entrapment! That’s like putting a stone cold alcoholic as a cashier in a liquor store.  Well, if all else fails and Drew decides to marry one of the girls at the brothel, we at last will be able to truly find out if you can really make a whore into a house wife. If she turns up dead and/or missing, the answer simply is no.

OMG! OMG! OMG! I know you heard the latest travesty.  They have kicked Lil’ Kim off “Dancing with the Stars



What’s the tee guys and gals? It’s your ever so beautiful gossip “queen”, Windy City’s number one drag queen, the one and only Ms. Christian Valentino!  I am here to dish the dirt of the entertainment community, tell you all the stars’ business… lol, give advice and just keep it real at all times. 1st of all let me welcome you to The Suite 411! I promise to make sure that I keep it funky… no tongue biting… I am gonna tell u like it ‘tis! At least MY view point of things.


I guess I can start off with this whole Chris Brown/Rihanna mess… 

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