‘Madea’ is no. 1 at the box office

Tyler Perry’s “Madea Goes to Jail” topped the box office charts this weekend, raking in $41.1 million.  It is the biggest opening ever for Tyler Perry and for the movie’s distribution company, Lionsgate, reports Variety.  The per-screen average of $20,236 was the highest for any movie since last November’s “Twilight.”  “Madea” attracted a diverse audience with 35 percent of moviegoers being under age 35 and 13 percent being Hispanic.

8 thoughts on “‘Madea’ is no. 1 at the box office

  1. Tyler Perry perpetuates the same ol’ tired stereotypes….whether in his movies or on TBS.


  2. I agree with Shameful. I like his movies more than his plays but I don’t like the show he has on the cable network. Full of stereotypes even when the topic is serious.

  3. I saw the movie this past weekend. It has a good script, funny as usual; but I
    do believe the Cosby Kid (“Rudy”), Keyshia ???, stole the show. She’s an
    excellent actress. I’ll see the movie again for her peformance mostly, but also
    for the good laugh Mr. Brown, Madea, and her character brother delivers.

  4. Hater, there may be some truth in your comments; however, I think Tyler Perry
    help folks of all classes laugh at the predictaments that oh too many
    underpriveledged people find themselves trapped in. Laughter can be medicine.
    It can heal the soul. In this case, it not only show people a view of
    themselves, it teaches them how to improve themselves. Tyler Perry
    has a ministry that makes him a lot of money, true. But, I personally believe
    he deserves it because he is speaking the reality of a lot of people. Lastly,
    in case you did not know, the majority of Black people love Jesus. And Perry’s
    ministry teaches that Jesus is the answer!

  5. Don’t be a hater, you said that Tyler helps people laugh at the predicaments “underpriveledged people find themselves trapped in”. First off, it is not just the “underpriviledged” who find themselves in certain predictaments. Secondly, who says this is funny. The next person’s predictament is not necessarily funny to that person living it but you make it sound like it is okay to if “we” can find laughter in it. Tyler Perry’s spin on things is often over exaggerated. Hater never said anything about Black people not loving Jesus. It doesn’t take Madea going to jail to bridge a stronger relationshipship between me and my Savior, The Lord Jesus Christ.

  6. I love this site– it’s visually appealing, current and appeals to a multi-generational audience without losing its fundamental audience. The Suite411 will be bookmarked as a favorite when I need to get the “411” on what’s happening.

    From a very “old school” fan!

  7. …I think Tyler Perry help folks of all classes laugh at the predictaments that oh too many underpriveledged people find themselves trapped in.

    Oops, my mess up. I’m not suggesting we laugh at the underpriveledged, meant to say we all need to laugh through the pain sometimes.

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